Ison Distribution are a company that like to sponsor fixed gear events and now they are stepping up their game by sponsoring a rider. Chris Delia from Hackney is well known for his freestyle riding and it’s great to see him getting hooked up.

chris delia with his fixie

From now on he’s gonna be riding the new Identiti Persona frame (with which he has had design input) with Identiti FFX forks along with the new Halo 24mm wide/25.5mm deep Aerowarrior rims, laced up to Halo Track hubs with Halo Twin Rail Courier Tyres. A pretty sweet set up!

fixie bmx cranks

Ison are also sorting him out with parts, he chose the Gusset Pigmy 853 Reynolds cranks, a Gusset G-Wheel chainring, A Gusset Badger chain, Gusset Pinhead plastic pedals and ODI grips.

halo aerowarrior rims

It’s so cool that even though the fixed gear thing is still very much in the “fad” phase there are some companies that are putting their money where their mouth is and supporting rather than just cashing in. Fixed gear freestyle riding is here to stay as is going down hills like a rocket and I’d like to think that many years from now Ison Distribution will still be at the forefront of the scene very much like Shiner is for skateboarding.