Like all serious cyclists I have tried loads of different oils on my chain with varying degrees of satisfaction. There are 3 things that I look for in a lubricant: low noise, smoothness and cleanliness, it’s fair to say that most oils do not come anywhere near accomplishing good marks in all three areas. I was always making a sacrifice, a nice quiet, smooth ride always came with getting covered in oil and staying clean always came with a noisy drivetrain.

Chain-L No.5 accomplishes the seemingly impossible, it makes your ride quiet and smooth yet stays pretty damned clean. The first thing you’ll notice is just how thick it is, sort of like cooking oil, but that’s fine because it “soaks into chains using the same capillary action as thinner lubes — It just takes longer”. During it’s development they found that adding thinners and solvents compromised the overall performance of the product.

“Chain-L is a blend of extreme pressure (EP)

 lubricants in a high film-strength mineral oil base, formulated to provide the maximum possible lubrication to the tiny bearings that make up a chain. Chain-L also contains rust inhibitors and other additives to improve its longevity and wet-weather performance.”

Low Noise: Every fixed gear rider wants a quite chain, it’s part of the whole experience, I’d had quiet chains before but this is something else. On smooth ground I have actually experienced the nearest I believe it is possible to get to a silent bike using Chain-L. It’s the kind of quiet you get when your chain is absolutely drowning in wet lube and you’re riding in the rain.

Smoothness: Low noise and smoothness usually go together, but not always. I have had a relatively quiet ride but with a kind of gritty feeling which is not nice at all and with my Sram chain I have found it prone to vibrating when under high pressure. Since using Chain-L there is no gritty feeling and the vibrating that used to drive me nuts is gone which is cool cause I was about to buy a new chain.

Cleanliness: This is really the icing on the cake for me as I’m sure it will be for you. If you apply this correctly then you are going to be one clean legged cyclist, “being a sticky oil (it) has the potential to be extremely messy. But if applied correctly, with the understanding that it works inside the chain and not on the surface, it’s surprisingly clean”. I applied a single drop of oil to each link of my (cleaned) chain and left it to soak in before spinning the cranks, this would usually shoot oil everywhere but this is so thick that it wasn’t an issue. The first real ride resulted in a pretty filthy chain after a few hours as the excess worked it’s way out so I gave it a light wipe with a cloth and voila!

I’ve been riding Chain-L for a couple of months now and not needed to lube the chain a second time. Every now and then I give the outer a wipe, usually after riding to work in the rain. I really have no complaints about this product which is kinda hard to believe. Everybody has their favourite oil, this is mine and it will be yours too after you try it.

You can read loads of info on their website then head over to Urban Hunter to get yourself a bottle quick sharp!