I started riding with plastic toe clips and I was happy with them but the overlap on my new frame meant that I needed something a little less bulbous so I got a set of metal ones. After a few days of using the things I decided I couldn’t live with the pain of them pushing into my toes anymore, seriously, how can people use them???

I started looking through all the UK based online shops and found the MKS Deep toe clips which seemed perfect so I took the plunge. The quality of the clips was apparent as soon as I opened the packaging, the metal is super strong and the finish is beautiful as expected from MKS. They are not NJS stamped because the shape would not be used on the Keirin track but they’re are manufactured out of the same materials as the stamped ones.

Deep on the left, standard on the right

The only difference between these and ‘normal’ toe clips is that these are a bit higher at the front so bigger kicks like skate shoes fit into them much better but believe me that extra bit of height makes a massive difference. Right away I was back to the comfort of my old plastic clips with none of the pressing toe pain of the more angled regular metal ones. I’m pretty amazed at how pristine they stay even though they get a load of floor scraping when I’m trying in vain to learn tricks too.

The fixed scene is chockablock with skaters and all other sorts of ‘non-cyclists’, these really should be attached to the peddles of every one of their bikes, why change your shoes when you can change your clips? Head over to VELOSOLO to buy a set.

Have you used these clips? Hit up the comments with your opinion on them…