Charlie the Bikemonger has just moved into a real life bricks and mortar shop down south in Swanage on the Dorset coast. He says “it’s not the most polished retail experience in the world, but we have a sofa, some great coffee, pure fixed and single speed stock, and loads of good lanes and trails, plus the best pub in the world is only 4 miles away.” Sounds good to me, like the kind of skate shops we were hanging out in back in the day. There’s gonna be a big opening party in the spring.

In other news he’s got a few new products on his site that are perfect for Christmas…

Fyxation tyres: loads of colours, awesome grip/old skool BMX tread… and made by a real nice bloke who actually rides fixed.

Mucky Nuts draught bar end caps that take a beer bottle cap. Awesome impact protection and another excuse to drink beer. Now improved and work using an expanding wedge for a more secure fit.

Skean top tube protector. If your bars (drop, flat or riser) can connect with your top tube, then you run the risk of killing your frame in a crash, this clever little elastomer bumper wraps around your top tube to save it in an emergency.