Jiro Belts are made from recycled tyres but they aren’t just for hippies, these things are actually pretty classy. Each and every one is handmade in Italy from used tyres so no two are ever the same, they come complete with marks and scratches but are extremely well constructed and will last you a long time.
The guts of the tyre are removed so there is no kevlar or whatever in the middle, at first I was worried that the holes would stretch out or rip but after using one for a good while I can’t see that happening, it is super tough. They are curved inwards so the end doesn’t flap about like some belts, it just sits there not making a fuss which is great.
Jiro will even make you a custom belt, all you need to do is e-mail them with your choice of buckle style/colour, tyre type and loop colour, you really can’t go wrong. I’d even go as far as saying that if you got a black one it would look so good that you could wear it to a funeral and only a fellow cyclist would be likely to notice. They now have a selection of really sturdy looking keychains available too, nice.
There are a few different companies out there making tyre belts but with Jiro you know you are getting a quality product handmade in Italy and we all know that all the good cycling gear is made there!
– €30 for the belts
– €12 for the bracelets
– €15 for the keychains
Hit up the advert over on the right >>> to go to the Jiro Belt website where there are loads more examples of their stuff and when you order one tell them that The Foot Down sent you.