I mentioned before that Charlie the Bikemonger had moved into a real shop made of bricks, well here is a bit more info in the form of a press release right from the horses mouth…

Charlie the Bikemonger

Charlie The Bikemonger now also in a real shop

After 5 years as an online purveyor of fixed, single speed, and tweed… we have now settled into our new shop in Swanage.

Based in the heart of the Purbecks on the Dorset Coast, we are in great location, not only within minutes of some great riding and the beach, but also only three miles from the Square & Compass (Cider Pub of The Year 2009, and that’s quite important to us).

Yeah sure, we could do a lot more business if we were based in a larger town, but down here we are in a world heritage site, where the riding and life in general is very good.

We are still dealing online at www.charliethebikemonger.com, but the high street shop means we can offer a unique selection of demo bikes. Not your usual bunch of boring full sussers:

• Surly Big Dummy cargo bike,
• Niner SIR9 rigid 29er single speed
• Salsa Dos Niner 29er1x9 soft-tail
• Surly Long Haul Trucker touring bike
• Surly Steam Roller Fixie

This move illustrates that the cycling world is becoming larger, but also much more diverse, and that a very specialist business can survive and indeed flourish. I can sit on the shop sofa, with the shop dog, surrounded by organic tweed cycling caps, track frames, cargo bikes and bottle cages designed for hip flasks, proud that we have established an oasis of steel and tweed in a world of carbon and lycra.

All the best,
Charlie & Michelle

New Address:
137B High Street, Swanage, Dorset, BH19 2NB
Tel: 01929 475 833