swansea wales fixie raceSaturday saw Swansea’s second alleycat, this time organised by Evs. The Scenic Sprint was an all out time trial with just a single checkpoint where we turned around and raced back to the start. The route was about 12 miles, every second of which was riding into the wind, Swansea Bay has a delightful multi-directional wind policy to piss off cyclists. 20 riders entered and headed straight for Oystermouth Rd, the worst part about this race is you kind of knew what place you were in because you could see everyone leave you and then they passed you on their way back as you were still heading towards the checkpoint.

A strong group broke away early and held their position right to the end. The real race was between myself and Jason Veall, we had a bet going where if he beat me I gave him a t-shirt from the last alleycat for free but if I beat him he would have to pay £20 for it, I couldn’t bare to see this grown man cry again (he was D.F.L last time) so I let him beat me and handed over the t-shirt without a crossed word at the end. Only Eddie was hit by a car, nothing serious but no doubt affected his performance. Beynon and me managed to almost perform a double Superman through a woman’s windscreen about 20 metres from the finish line which was quite scary!

Aled took the trackstand title for the second time, he spends waaaaaaaay too much time practicing in his kitchen it seems. The skid comp was pretty eventful with George faceplanting and Fisher pulling an amazing 1-footed-stand-up-no-skid (video below). The day’s events were polished off with a climb past Dylan Thomas’ house, it’s not a particularly huge hill but after the race it was enough to leave everyone gagging for a pint.

swansea wales fixie race swansea wales fixie raceswansea wales fixie raceMore photos here and here.

Big thanks to Street Evans for organising the day and all the sponsors: Howies, Hub Jub, 14 Bike Co, Exist and Wheelies. I’d like to give a special shout out to all the Trackdropouts boys and girl that came over from Bristol, it was a pleasure.

1. Timpo
2. Tim
3. Owen
4. Ric
5. Chris Punk
6. Ed
7. Jason
8. Jono (blog)
9. JT
10. Sion
11. Ty
12. Beynon
13. Aled
14. Jake
15. Garry
16. George
17. Corbin
18. Eddie (Hit by a car)
19. Emily (D.F.L)
20. Jack (D.N.F)

Longest Skid
1. JT
2. Ric
3. Fisher
4. George
5. Timpo
6. Owen

1. Aled

Hill Climb
1. Garry
2. Ed
3. Owen
4. Fisher