halo fix-t axle thread covers

These new Fix-T axle thread covers from Halo seem pretty cool, I haven’t got a trick bike but I’d imagine that bashing the thing around a lot would result in pretty fucked threads. It used to drive me nuts on my skateboard truck threads until I learned to just leave the nut flush but thats not an option on a bike. These are £4.99 each, shop around for them lazy pants!

– CNC Alloy Thread Cover for fixed hubs – 1.37x24Tpi
– Will fit your Fixed or Freewheel threads.
– Cover your un-used thread on your track hub with these cool alloy covers. Keeps unwanted muck out of you threads and gives you hub a clean sleek aesthetic.
– Many colours to choose from.
– Laser etched logo and a minimal weight of 13g.