A few months ago Surface Clothing, a sister company of Charge Bikes, was launched with the intention of providing clothes that ‘incorporate casual style with technically advanced materials. Perfect on the bike, or strolling to the pub’. There are a few companies out there doing a similar thing, Rapha is an obvious example, but I think Surface offers a little bit more street cred for the young independent modern cyclist. The following review is a guest post by Will Kennard.

surface liquistretch shorts review

Liquistretch Trousers
The first thing that struck me about the trousers was just how smart they are; they are straight leg and well fitted which gives them a distinct neat look. This is something which is great for commuters: worn with smart shoes the trouser is nice enough even for office wear, yet worn with a pair of more casual shoes they look a little more relaxed, making them an extremely versatile piece of clothing.For me this basically eliminated getting changed into different trousers at work, making life just that little easier.

The ‘liquistretch’ material they are made of is awesome; it feels as comfortable as wearing a pair of tracksuit bottoms, stretches just enough for flexibility whilst riding, and beads water away with ease. It is also very breathable, again useful for work as it’s not nice doing a whole shift with sweaty bollocks! The water beading is useful; it repels water on contact and gives some water resistance to the products, so you can cycle in rain showers, but in very heavy rain it does get wet.

I’d recommend these trousers for most riders, especially for the urban commute to work. However the fit of the trouser might not be to everyone’s taste; it is very slim fit, so if you’re used to a loose jean they might not be your thing.

surface clothing trousers review

Liquistretch Shorts
In terms of the fitting the shorts are a little more forgiving than the trouser; there’s more room in general, yet they still remain quite smart looking with a straight fit. Unlike the trouser, the back pockets of the shorts are zippered so you can keep stuff safe whilst riding.

The performance of the short is brilliant for the longer weekend ride as they are extremely breathable and look great on and off the bike. If you’re serious about riding but don’t quite fancy the lycra treatment, these are perfect.

At £49.99 for the shorts and £54.99 for the trousers, both products are affordable and there’s no doubt they will be popular with fixed gear riders.

‘Liquistretch’ material is brilliant.
Plenty of belt loops – good for Fabric Horse/hip bag users.
Smart fit.
Good quality and branding in general.

Trousers may be tight on the bigger rider.

Both these products sound pretty rad and I’m gonna go out this week and hunt them down to try on, I’d love to try out the Surface Clothing Snugflex hoodie too (hint hint, Surface!). Nobody loves a technical fabric more than me but other than on jackets they usually look super wack, clearly Surface have managed to avoid the look of the 3/4 length zip off shorts that you see in Millets or on your dad.

Both the trousers and the shorts are available at Wiggle. For more info about all the Surface Clothing pop over to their site. Are you rocking any of the Surface clothes? What do you think?