owlycat race swanseaThe Foot Down OwlyCat 2010 will take place this Saturday, everyone is welcome, but the race is strictly FIXED GEAR ONLY…

Y’all need to be at SA1 in Swansea (exact location) at 1pm, there is a car park at the meeting point, you’ll need a few quid if you want to park in it. Sainsburys is 2 minutes away so you can stock up on snacks and drinks and have a wizz etc before the race without having to worry. As soon as we think everyone has arrived the festivities will begin…

23 miles along a fixed route, maps and (fairly) detailed directions will be provided. I’m guessing that the pack will split into a few groups so you shouldn’t get lost on your own anywhere. There are 4 checkpoints along the way, free Monster Energy drinks will be available along the route if you need a boost. The finish line is on Kilvey hill which has a beautiful view over the Bay, nice! If you are unsure of whether it is worth coming down for the race here is a rough idea of the prize packs for 1st – 3rd place…

First Place
X1 Winners Plaque
X1 Halo Aerorage Track Wheelset
X1 Chrome Messenger Bag
X1 Set Halo Twin Rail Berlin Tyres
X1 Set Double Straps
X1 Pair DVS/Cadence Milan CTC shoes
X1 Knog N.E.R.D Cycle Computer
X2 Knog Boomer Lights

Second Place
X1 Chrome Rolltop Backpack
X1 Set Halo Twin Rail Berlin Tyres
X1 Pair DVS/Cadence Milan CTC shoes
X2 Knog Boomer Lights
X1 Knog Tool

Third Place
X1 Howies Messenger Bag
X1 Set Halo Twin Rail Berlin Tyres
X1 Pair DVS/Cadence Milan CTC shoes
X2 Knog Boomer Lights

I’m 99.9% sure that everyone that enters will get something rad, from premium bar tape to a t-shirt or even a pack of messenger playing cards!

As always there will be a longest skid and trackstand comp with really decent prizes for 1st place in both, this stuff will take place back at SA1. When everyone is pooped we’ll ride up to Mozarts Bar for beers, the prize giving, music, beers and hopefully some videos. The party will go on indefinitely so if you wanna stay then stay! There is a skate comp / graffiti event on Sunday which’ll be awesome for peeps that are up for it.

The event is being supported by 14BikeCo, Urban Hunter, FixedShitUp, Howies, Halo, Velosolo, Monster Energy, Knog, DVS, Cadence, Re-Strap, Chrome and SE Bikes. I have started posting up profiles of all the sponsors with more to come through the week, click through to their sites from the posts and check out what they are about!

I think you’ll agree that the OwlyCat 2010 is gonna be immense, if you want any more info about anything either post in the comments of contact me by email through the link up at the top of the page. See you on Saturday!

Bike route 719894 – powered by Bikemap