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I’m sure you’ve noticed that The Foot Down has had a bit of a re-design. I was planning a ‘big’ launch to coincide with a nice t-shirt range but instead it all just rolled out gradually and it’s taken me until now acknowledge it.

I got the whole owl with cog eyes idea a long time ago, originally I envisaged a robot owl but as things progressed it became more and more simplified into what you see above. The logo was created by Adrian Ridley, he runs so was more qualified than most graphic designers and I really like what he came up with. There’s not a huge amount of hidden meaning behind the thing, owls have big round eyes, cogs are round and owls are a symbol of wisdom and I’m a wise ass, simple as that. Ade also produced an avatar and a badge for The Foot Down’s Twitter and Facebook pages which you’ll also see on forums and whatnot.

My good friend and music producer Stophe has been very patient putting together the new site theme and tweaking, twisting and bending it to do what I want it to, it’s not completely finished yet but it looks as it should, there’s just some backend stuff to attend to (that’s what she said).

I started The Foot Down with the sole intention of producing original content rather than reposting stuff from other fixed gear blogs, I know that recently I’ve been going a bit off topic here and there and bombarding the site with race sponsor profiles but I promise that normal service will resume very very soon. Expect some more debates and posts on how dangerous cycling on the same roads as deranged drivers can be as well as a couple of pre-Christmas competitions. I thank you in advance for continuing to read the blog after seeing how mental I look with this owl…

festival park owl sanctuary