14bikeco fixed gear shop

It has been a long time coming but the 14BikeCo website is finally live. You can now buy all your favourite parts and clothing from the most friendly bike shop in Britain without having the pleasure of actually visiting the most friendly bike shop in Britain.

I navigated my way, badly, from the Cycle Show at Earls Court a few Saturdays ago, all I really needed to do was follow the river for a few miles, turn left and I should have been in Brick Lane, it ended up taking forever because I managed to lose the river 3 times, I have no idea how it’s possible to lose the Thames but there you go. I was flying along with some kind of idea when I noticed Look Mum, No Hands! on my left and finally realised that I was not far, I knew my way from there. A short way up the road at the roundabout I saw a dude on a trick bike ambling along through the traffic like it was nuffin’, I recognised him from ‘the internet’ but after spending well over an hour lost I couldn’t work out which one he was, I assumed he was going where I was going so slowed down my pace to make sure I didn’t get lost AGAIN. I was at the mercy of the traffic, he, on the other hand, wasn’t, he boshed out a few nice nose wheelies over islands, hoped on to the pavement, and slinked through the cars, I was definitely going faster than he was but he got to the shop before I did, skillz. It was actually Mikey who runs the excellent 14 Blog, also in the shop was Chris Delia manning the Mission Workshop ship and John and Aidan working the bike shiz.

I hung around for a bit, shot the shit a bit, got loads of stickers and took a few snaps for my very own instalment of the regular ‘around the shop’ series that Mikey does…

14 bike co esb framesESB frames

fourteen bike companyView from the front of the shop

mission workshop messenger bagsMission Workshop bags, which are awesome

4tn 14 bike co clothingThe 4TN Clothing range, I love the shirts but they are waaaaaay out of my price range :-(

bicycle head badgeHead Badges

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