track drop outs bristol cycle wear

The Bristol Trackdropouts crew have been working on a full range of limited edition cycling clothing under the name tdo. The idea for the range was born out frustration at not being able to buy cycling clothing that was devoid of logos and full on branding. They wanted to make something that you could wear with jeans or with some black bibs for the long real rides.

The great new designs for the site and the clothing have been a fun collaboration between Trackdropouts (tdo) and StudioAde (who also designed The Foot Down owl). You can see the front of the first jersey below, details and images of the full range of jerseys, bibs, arm/leg warmers, winter rain jackets, wind gilets and even skinsuits will be released soon on the Trackdropouts forum.

tdo clothing bristol fixed gear

All the Bristol guys are bloody lovely chaps and it’s great to see them getting this together, I’m not easily impressed but I’m sure you’ll agree when I say that this jersey is seriously sexy, good job dudes!