It seems that a lot of skateboarders, especially older ones like myself (I’m nearly 30 don’t ya know?) like to ride fixed so I thought I’d do some investigation (Googling) and try and compile the definitive list of fixed gear riding pro skaters. There are some riders out there that fit in the common knowledge category but there are others that can be classified under he said/she said. Here’s what I came up with, I’m sure I’m missing some obvious ones, post in the comments and I’ll update the post…

john cardiel fixed gear skateboarderJohn Cardiel (All round ripper)

gabe morford mash fixed gearGabe Morford (Photographer and Mash man)

keith hufnagel fixed gear bikeKeith Hufnagel (Huf)

john igei fixed gear macaframaJohn Igei (Part in Macaframa)

jovante turner ftc fixed gear bike skateboarderJovante Turner (Baggy pants and wheelies in Mash)

julien stranger skateboarder fixed gearJulien Stranger (Alleycat master)

natas kaupas skater fixed gearNatas Kaupas (Hand painted Kazane / Rapha interview)

jason lee fixed gear bikeJason Lee (’s bike, apparently)

eric koston fixed gear cyclistEric Koston (Taking the piss?)

arto saari fixed gear bikeArto Saari (keeps his in his garage)

danny wainwright fixed gear bristolDanny Wainwright (by Gav Strange) [Video]

joey tershay fixed gear skateboarderJoe Tershay (FTC Summer 10 Lookbook)

adrian mallory fixed gear skateboarderAdrian Mallory (Likes to ollie his)

vanessa torres fixed gear bikeVanessa Torres

eric pupecki fixed gear skateboarderEric Pupecki (Bobshirt interview)

mark gonzales skateboarder fixed gear bikeMark Gonzales (I’m not convinced that this is The Gonz, anyone know the source of the photo?)

david beckham fixed gear skateboardDavid Beckham (Rad and x-treme)

Couldn’t find a photo for these guys (help me out!)
Omar Salazar
Brent Atchley
Patrick Melcher
Joey Pepper
Frank Gerwer
Ed Templeton
Chris Pastras
Rick McCrank
Cairo Foster
Bobby Worrest
Andrew Allen
Cameron Tabbytite
Phil Esbenshade

So, that’s the list, like I said I am sure I’ve missed some and more will surface, if you know someone I have missed or have a photo for one of the names above post a comment. Also if you know who shot the photos tell me and I’ll link to them.

(Thanks to Alex at Pivot skate shop and Marcus at Leader Bike USA for their help.)