san marco concor supercorsa vegan saddle

Getting hold of a top quality vegan friendly saddle that didn’t look like a spaceship until very recently was nigh on impossible but San Marco have stepped up to the oche with the release of the new Concor Supercorsa X which is fully synthetic.

There are a lot of synthetic saddles out there, I could pretend that us vegans are hard done by and that the bike companies don’t care about us but that would be far from the truth, there are loads to choose from. Unfortunately most of these leather-free saddles are ‘technical’ and generally look pretty far out, way too zany for my liking and more at home on a carbon road bike which is what they are designed for.

My hunt for a genuinely good vegan saddle started a few months ago and I didn’t really uncover anything that I would regard as high end so ended up going for a BLB Fly (which looks good and fitted me well). Prior to the Fly I had ridden a Charge Spoon (which I found to be too wide for my bum) and a Charge Bucket (which I liked but was a bit too neon for my grumpy ass). All three of these cost less than 25 quid and that is reflected in the finish, they are all perfectly nice and do the job but none of them make you feel proud as an owner.

Today the Concor Supercorsa X came into my life (thanks Stuart!) and right away the difference in quality was apparent. The Microfeel covering is pulled very tightly over the dense padding making it feel extremely solid and the stapling underneath is clean, something that you just don’t see on a cheap model. The shell is made from recycled material which ties the ethical package up nicely.  The Concor is, without a doubt, my favourite looking saddle, the silhouette is absolutely unmistakeable and just screams “classic!” which really is the icing on the cake.

The cherry on top of the icing of course is the fact that this high quality piece of sex on a seatpost is that San Marco have purposefully produced a product for people that want to live a life free from animal products. In their own words: “A vegan saddle that eventually became the Concor X. The X as an alternative symbol. Dedicated to people that are looking for products made with an alternative material to leather, but keeping the characteristic aesthetics of the Concor unchanged.” I have it on good authority that the San Marco brand manager is straightedge and really pushed for this saddle to be made, virtual high five for that guy!

Talking about comfort is pretty much pointless because everyone’s bums are different, as is illustrated by this equation: saddle+arse=heaven/hell. All I will say is that the distinctive sweep at the back feels really nice and more like sitting on a chair rather than perching on a fence.

Now, I’m not one of these pushy vegans but before you buy another leather saddle just stop and remember that this thing is totally badass and a leather covering will serve to achieve nothing more than a temporary relief from your suppressed kinky gimp outfit fetish. The San Marco Concor Supercorsa X is available in black and white with an RRP of £64.99. It is distributed within the UK by Madison so you should almost certainly be able to order one in to your local bike shop to have a look. Leave those poor cows alone, haha.

concor x vegan synthetic saddle

selle san marco concor supercorsa x saddle

concor vegan black saddle