eighth inch bull horn bars

Now that the winter has kicked in getting up those hills is a lot harder, muscles are cold and the freezing air hurts more with every breath. I like to get home as quickly and as easily as possible at this time of year so it’s out with the track drops and in with the bullhorns.

Horns are without a doubt the best kind of handlebar, everyone has personal preference but nothing is as versatile except drops with brake hoods but we’ll ignore those because we are denim wearing urbanites and not lycra wearing sportsmen, yeah?.

For the last few weeks I’ve been using the EighthInch Bullhorns and I love them, they are nice and light (280g) and stiff as a board, I’ve not felt any flex in them when annihilating roadies on hills. They are your basic flat topped bullhorn shape with 0 drop and at 42cm wide are just right. They have a fair bit of length on the both sections of the horn allowing you to get forward or REALLY forward. Mine are the chrome ones, the finish is excellent and the logo on the right hand side is nice. The clamp size is 25.8/26 so will work with your standard road quill stem without the need for a shim.

fixed gear handle bars eighth inch bull horns

“EighthInch is the fixed gear division of Wheel and Sprocket located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a family owned bicycle shop since 1973 with six retail locations!” They make loads of great fixed gear parts from pedals to wheelsets and polo mallets. Until recently their products weren’t available in the UK but they are now, exclusively through Fixed Gear Frenzy. Check out the bullhorns and all the other EightInch stuff on their site.

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I’ll use the rest of this space to educate you about the finer aesthetic details of bullhorn angle choice. Twitter followers will be used to my regular naming and shaming of hideous bullhorn wielding Fixed Gear Gallery bike submissions. I may have got an ‘E’ at GCSE Maths but the angle of your bullhorns has less to do with Pythagorus and more to do with art anyways. DO NOT point your bullhorns upwards, seriously, it looks absolutely ridiculous and why the hell would you want to ride with them in that position? If you think I am wrong on this one then maybe you should make an appointment with the doctor…

fixed gear bullhorn handlebars