14 bike co esb superted trick frame

Regular readers might find this quite shocking, I’ve dissed on the whole fixed gear freestyle thing quite a bit in the last year but I’ve changed my mind, big whoop, wanna fight about it?

Fixed gear freestyle sucked, past tense. In the last few months a few videos (or edits, grrrrrr) have been uploaded that have chipped away at me to the point where I actually want to learn tricks now.  First there was Torey ‘Wrahw’ Thornton’s part in Death Pedal 2, then nothing for a long time, then there was the Tom Lamarche front flip, and the final nail in the coffin was the FGL Oscar Destroy video, I just can’t get enough of that hardcore (not dubstep, thanks Will!) Dr Who song!

14bikeco tig welded esb

After a bit of research into trick frames I have settled on a 14 Bike Co tig welded ESB, it may not be the cheapest option and I know I can’t even wheelie yet but I like what it represents, and it is the best looking of all the trick frames, fact. I’m putting my deposit down today, then all I need to do is magic hundreds of more quids out of the air for all the other parts. If you wanna buy my Canon 5D or 50/1.8 hit me up!

I’ll leave you with these two videos about the ESB, the first one is geeky. See you over on TrickTrack yeah?