skullcandy vintage road championship stripes earphones

I work with one the UK distributors of Skullcandy and found out about these a few weeks back but have been waiting on images. The dudes I work with distribute the dB range of products which are only available to specific outlets such as skate and snowboarding shops, this season there is a ‘Vintage Road’ pack which features the world champion stripes on each product, pretty classy.

The pack features two earbuds, a headphone, a wallet, bag and a belt, all of which are pretty fly. The earbuds are 50/50’s and Full Metal Jackets, both of which have an in-line microphone, perfect if someone rings you when you are out on the bike. The headphones are Agents which are a mid sized model with a classic shape; there isn’t any more info available about the accessories yet.

skullcandy 50 50 vintage road

skullcandy fmj vintage road

skullcandy agent headphones vintage road

Skullcandy are moving away from the uber-grungy image they had and all the new products are far less garish and more suitable for us older guys (I’m 30 in June!), the audio quality has always been great and with the addition of in-line microphones and iPod controls they are better than ever. They have a BMX team, but it’s nice to see them paying homage to road cyclists too.

These should all be available later this year at some point, I’ll keep you updated. For now buy some freaking Skullcandy from my shop, we have the biggest range in the UK and a price match guarantee, whoop!