fixed gear freestyle

I’ve had my ESB for a couple of months now and I’m finding learning tricks to be a pretty bloody slow process so I’m after some info from all you rippers out there. I’ve found a pretty good spot to learn the basics as you can see in the photo above, here in swansea we have a crappy little outdoor skate park which we call “The TF” (training facility) so I’m calling this new place “The SF” (stunt facility). These are the things that (I think) are holding me back…

1. I’m going to be 30 this year and I have a full time job so obviously the time I have to learn something completely new is somewhat limited. I’ve been trying to get in half an hour before work in the mornings but it’s hard work at this time of year and I’m pretty sure that 30 minutes a day isn’t anywhere near enough. How many hours do you crazy kids work on tricks?

2. I’ve got bunny hops down, which is no big deal cause they’re hardly difficult, and I can do slow moving barspins. I’m working on wheelies which I feel like I’m making progress on but riding fakie is really kicking my ass; I can backward circle until the cows come home but going in a line backwards seems to be a completely different kettle of fish. I’m trying them from an endo, rolling down a mellow bank, feet strapped in and unstrapped but I’m just making no progress at all. I’ve started keeping my feet off the pedals and sort of running backwards just trying to keep my balance, which is a technique used to learn to ride forwards, but that doesn’t seem to be helping either. Give me your top fakie tips before I throw my bike in the river!

3. I’m doing all this on my own, nobody else down here in sunny Swansea is into FGFS. I think this is the main thing holding me back, even when I do feel like I’m progressing I get bored cause I’m on my own and end up just going to town to drink a can of pop and complain about how nobody rides. Do you find that riding with other people helps you learn stuff?

4. As I said above I’ve only been trying tricks for a couple of months and I know these things take time, what kind of time did it take you to learn, for example: hops, wheelies, fakie, barspins…

Come on dudes, hook me up with your secrets!!!