swansea alleycat video

What seems like an eternity ago now (Last October) I put on the OwlyCat race, which was a ridiculously hilly race from the bowels of Hell; if you were there you’ll remember it because at the end you wanted to kill me, in fact judging by the freeze frames above you wanted to kill me way before the end, haha. Well, the video has been on hold because my laptop display has been on the blink for months but today I got a brand spanking new quad core MacBook Pro so I’m back on the editing. As hard as a tried to capture all the action on the day I’ve got a feeling that the finished video is going to be a bit wack but we’ll see.

Check out the teaser below to jog your memory and hopefully I’ll have the completed thing online by the end of April, YES SION, THE END OF APRIL!