jonathan richman

I’ve noticed a lot of music posts popping up on some of the other fixed blogs recently so I thought I’d do one too. I try and stay on topic as much as possible but I really like finding out what other people are into music-wise. Originally The Foot Down was going to be part fixed gear part music content but I decided against it. Maybe I’ll just do a post like this every now and then.

Jonathan Richman is well regarded as the originator of punk back when he fronted a band called the Modern Lovers, he went on to make far softer music about bees and kissing girls in the summer. In many ways the music he makes now is just as punk as what he was doing in the 70’s.

Why? are sort of hip hop but sort of not. Yoni Wolf is a lyrical contortionist and just makes absolutely amazing music. (Read my live review)

The Fall have been perfect from day one, yes Mark E. Smith is a mean bugger but he has never compromised and never will, The Fall is the be all and end all.

Nick Cave has made some of the most incredible music of the last 30+ years, nobody writes a murder ballad like this man. I have a Birthday Party tattoo.

Tindersticks made some of the saddest songs in their early to mid period, the newer stuff isn’t too great but up to and including Simple Pleasure they did no wrong.

Stephin Merritt: The Magnetic Fields, The 6ths, The Gothic Archies, Future Bible Heroes. Musical genius. I have a Magnetic Fields song based tattoo.

Silver Jews were amazing, David Berman can write the simplest line and make you think about it’s meaning for years. I have a Silver Jews lyric tattoo.

Bruce Springsteen is probably the greatest living songwriter, contrary to popular (ignorant) belief his music is not cheesy, it is desperate and beautiful and better than 99% of everything else out there 99% of the time.

The Wedding Present have put out more great albums than you have had hot dinners. David Gedge’s songs of relationship disasters are second to none.

Casiotone for the Painfully Alone is the music project of Owen Ashworth, his songs are kind of like micro-Springsteen but electronic. Abosultely awesome.