14 bike co esb bristol fgfs fixed gear freestyle

So, I went over the water to Bristol on Saturday and had a killer day riding with all the FGFS dudes. My bike is obviously so rad that everyone wanted a go and I was more than happy to let them, it was nice seeing some real tricks being done on it rather than just lame attempts at beginner shit. Max was on hand with his camera and shot Jean-Luc busting out a nice hop bar as well as the video below.

Sam Guant was knocking around on his road bike but proved that he can rip at the drop of a hat on all bikes whether they are his or not. He really does kill it and I predict that when he gets his trick bike built up and running again you are going to be hearing a lot about him.

Swede was about for a bit flaunting his buttery steeze like he just didn’t care before going home to hit the books. Was nice to meet Tobias and Harry too, mad skillz all round (have I missed anyone, if I have sorrrrrrrrry!!!).

In other news I had a good chat with Matt and Namir of Park Skate Shop who will be fully stocked up with fixed gear parts soon, more news on that in a few weeks…

Aaaaand finally, Dene, the mastermind behind (iL) Soigneur musettes popped down to Dean Lane skate park to say hello and it was nice to finally put a face to a name, I’m sure he would have preferred to keep his ‘Ty the Adonis’ dream alive but nothing lasts forever.