world championship fixie race 2011

This sounds so fucking ridiculous, check out the sales pitch…

“Fixie, Fixed Gear, Singlespeed – call them what you will but these riders are the toughies of the cycling world. Need to get up a hill? Stand up and keep pedalling!”
Fixed gear or fixed wheel, never fixie and a singlespeed is completely different.

“It is about time that Fixies had their own championship as they are excluded from most mainstream events. With kind permission of the UCI, we are staging the first Fixie World Championship Race.”

“In order to accommodate all of the other events on the day, we are forced to limit entries to 400 riders this year. Assuming full capacity is taken up, there will be five heats of 80 riders. Each completing 4 laps of the circuit (approx. 8 miles). The fastest 80 riders (subject to confirmation) from the heats will contest the final, which will be 5 laps (approx 10 miles). The winner of the final will be the first rider to cross the line after completing the 5 laps of the circuit.”
400 RIDERS?!?! No way are they gonna get anywhere near that and if they do the idea of 80 fixie bike riders, the majority of which will have never ridden in a peloton before, going hell for leather is just insane, it’ll be a shambles. There’ll be bloodied brogues and skinny jeans all over the floor.

“Although this is a Fixie race, we will be allowing Singlespeeds to enter
The rules of the event are straightforward:
– You must ride a fixed gear or singlespeed bike. NO Gears allowed!
– You must wear a helmet
Great prizes will be on offer to the victors including your own World Champion Tattoo!”
So it’s not a fixie race, a singlespeed is no more of a ‘fixie’ than a donkey is. Obviously you’ll need to wear a helmet because 80 mostly untrained brakeless hipster racers is a recipe for disaster! A World Champion tattoo, seriously?

What are your thoughts on this thing? Am I being overly critical? It just sounds soooooooo bad! If you actually want to enter this thing you’ll have to pay 18 quid here.