condor paris frame build

A couple of days back I posted a video documenting the building process behind the Condor Paris frame and as promised Condor has now created a mini-site explaining the story behind the frame.

“Paris Cycles was started in the early 1940s by Harry Rensch, a close friend and neighbour of Monty Young, Condor’s founder. The lightweight thoroughbred frames soon became sought after pieces, famous for their continental flair. Condor Cycles has recreated what was formerly known as the Tour de France frame, incorporating the original bilamination design and using the experience gained from building frames by hand and working in steel. The new Paris uses modern technology and materials but stays true to the original iconic design.”

condor paris bike

The bilamination technique used on this frameset means that the “Tubing must be cut and mitred exactly to the curve of the headtube.If it doesn’t either the bi-lam or the tube must be reworked or thrown away and the process begins again.” This really is a fine specimen of a hand built frame and a great example of how traditional techniques and modern technology can work together perfectly.

The Paris is sold as a frameset (includes fork and headset) and built as a complete bike in 49, 52, 55, 58 and 61cm, custom frame geometry is available. Only 30 will be produced each year with a price tag of £999.99.

The Paris mini-site features loads of interesting historical documents as well as a full history of the frame.