tokyo fixed s2 frameset pearl white

Yesterday you had a look at the Dream Machine frame, today I bring you the Tokyo Fixed S2. This will almost certainly be the most popular of the Tokyo Fixed 2011 frames not only because of it’s £350 price tag but because it is absolutely gorgeous! It is a classically styled lugged steel track frame but has slightly bigger clearances so that you can fit tyres more suitable to city roads.

tokyo fixed s2 frameset metallic silver

It is built using double butted Columbus Thron tubing with walls as thin as 0.5mm so it is as light as you’d expect from a frame of this kind. It will be available in both pearl white and metallic silver and let me tell you that they both look incredible, I honestly couldn’t pick between the two. The white is not a boring white at all but more like a magical unicorn’s horn and the silver is both dark and light at the same time.

Check out more detailed photos on The Foot Down Facebook Page and come back tomorrow for the jewel in the Tokyo Fixed crown, the S1. Same bat time, same bat channel.