tokyo fixed s1 frameset

On Monday I brought you the sensible Dream Machine, yesterday was the street orientated S2 and today is the Tokyo Fixed S1, a serious piece of track bike pr0n named after the top racing class in the Japanese track circuit.

tokyo fixed s1 track frame

The lugged steel S1 is built using Columbus Sprint tubing which has walls as thin as 0.4mm, the weight saving is noticeable, the 58cm here felt much lighter than any of my own frames which are much smaller. The fork features aero Kasei blades, used by Japanese builders such as 3Rensho & Kalavinka for their improved strength and stiffness, another modern feature that ties the entire 2011 Tokyo Fixed frame offerings together as a cohesive, well thought out range.

The S1 is only drilled at the front, has a chromed chain stay and Japanese stainless steel dropouts, pricing is over double that of the S2 which reflects the use of an even higher end tubeset, forks and over all detailing. This frame is not aimed at the casual rider but rather those of us that live to ride and want the absolute best bike that we can afford.

There are more detailed shots on The Foot Down Facebook Page of the S1, S2 and the Dream Machine, full details and info on how to get your hands on these will be available very very soon.