gus mallet fixed gear freestyle london

After getting all excited about FGFS a couple of months ago I’ve been on a bit of a downer over it recently because of the shear amount or really wack videos. Just cause you can hop bar doesn’t mean that you have to put 15 of them in your shitty little videos kids, get with it. Most of these bloody awful videos are coming out of the West Coast of America, just like the bad hip hop and boring sunshiney skate videos that are lacking any kind of creativity.

There may not be a massive fixed gear freestyle scene in the UK but at least all of our riders are interesting and ride with style. Gus Mallet is a name that is well associated with the London scene but there’s not much footage of him about so it’s good to see him ripping it up in this video from the Ninja Cats boys, check out the mad pop out of the hips…

Gus Mallet from Ninja Cats on Vimeo.