big top fixed gear freestyle straps

The BIGxTOP straps have been on my bike for a couple of months, so I thought it was about time I shared what I thought now that they’ve seen some action.

They are extremely well made, much better than you’d expect for a debut product. They are handmade in Bournemouth by Jordan Trent but they don’t at all feel like they are anything but professionally produced by someone with much more experience, it’s a bloody good start and a good sign for things to come.

big top fixed gear freestyle straps

The buckle has not once slipped even a millimetre, I thought it would be a weak point but clearly not. Fitting these is so easy, much easier than Hold Fast straps and a million times easier to remove after a lot of use, Hold Fast drive me up the wall when I try and get them off. The excess bits of the straps are kinda cool sticking out too, a bit like super hero wings.

They have remained stiff, very stiff, it’s like webbing on viagra; I can’t see them ever becoming flaccid.

BIGxTOP straps are available for £29.99 with free worldwide shipping and available online from the BIGxTOP webshop.