chrome anza jacket buy uk

I’ve been wearing the Chrome Anza for a few months now, it’s a simple jacket with a few well thought out key features geared towards us cyclists.

chrome bags jacket

The styling is similar to a traditional American coach jacket, featuring a 100% polyester shell, elasticated cuffs, fold over collar and hand pockets; there is a lot more to the Anza jacket though.

chrome anza windbreaker jacket

The polyester shell has a Teflon branded water repellant finish, it won’t keep you dry in a storm but it certainly fends off a shower and makes mincemeat of wind. The button fastening pockets are made out of mesh which helps to let the heat out and reduce sweating, complimented by a couple of air vent holes under each arm pit.

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The Anza is cut pretty slim, like most cycling specific clothing, so it doesn’t flap around when you’re riding. The collar folds up and can be fastened by a button at the front, this is such a ridiculously simple idea, it’s almost a stroke of genius. It really helps when there’s a bit of a nip in the air because it fit’s snugly and high around your neck. On the rear there is a decent sized snap fastening pocket which always comes in handy for carrying bits and bobs like tools, snacks or gerbils.

chrome cycling windbreaker jacket review

Water/wind repellant
Super collar!
Rear pocket
Made in the USA

The button on the rear pocket can sometimes stick in your spine when wearing a heavy backpack, velcro fastening would have been a better choice.

The Chrome Anza jacket is available in Europe exclusively through Urban Cyclery for £79.99, order yours now.