Kenda KwikRoller EZ Ride Tyre Review

I used the Kenda Kwik Roller EZ Ride tyres on my trick bike before I finally accepted that I was completely useless, I absolutely loved them.

One thing I really hate is sluggish tyres and the bigger you go the more you need a quick rolling tyre. These are only 38c so they won’t appeal to everyone taking on fixed gear freestyle but they are a great tyre if you want to do a bit of commuting on your trick bike too.

kenda kwick roller ez ride tyre review

The first thing that struck me with these tyres is just how badass they look. They have a really aggressive looking tread pattern and an all round air of toughness. They are the tyre equivalent of a 50’s teen in a leather jacket turning up at the local burger joint with his arm around a Pink Lady. They aren’t just tough looking though, they feature Kenda’s Iron Cap puncture protection strip which lives up to it’s name, I didn’t get a single puncture the whole time I was using these and I never once worried about getting one either.

kenda kwik roller ez ride commuter tyre review

So, these tyres are scary looking and built like a brick shithouse so you’d expect them to be heavy, right? Wrong! They are really light, I would describe them as ‘surprisingly light’. They also live up to their ‘Kwick Roller’ name, they have minimal rolling resistance, the difference with other tyres of the same size is noticeable.

Like I said at the start, these are 700x38c so won’t be what every FGFS rider is looking for but if you’re after a bomb proof, fast tyre for your commuter bike that you bash around the place then these are perfect. You’ll be able to skid them today, tomorrow and every day for months too, in fact they laugh in the face of wear.

Most local bike shops will be able to order them in through Moore Large, although the guy delivering them may turn up with a box of fags in his t-shirt sleeve and slicked back hair…