ass saver smart ass mudguard review

I’ve had a SmartAss on my bike for a few weeks and guess what, it actually works! It’s such a simple little thing that there’s hardly anything I can say about it really except that it’s really well designed, fits like a dream on all the saddles I have tried it with and is very well made.

It’s certainly not going to save your ass if it’s absolutely pissing down (nothing will) but if you’re riding around in the wet or get caught in a bit of a shower then it works great, my ass has never been so dry with so little effort on my part to keep it that way.

One thing I hate about my screw-on-to-the-seatpost-fender is that when I mount my steed I always kick the bloody thing off to the side then have to ride whilst trying to look backwards and tap it “a little more to the left, a little more to the right, a little more, more, argh, too much!” The Smart Ass by Ass Saver is small enough that that isn’t an issue, it’s really secure when it’s fitted properly over the saddle rails too, far more so than you might expect.

ass saver smart ass fender review

If you want to hide it away you can fold it up and fit it under your saddle, it’ll still be there next time you need to keep your ass in pristine condition. It’s great knowing that it’s there at all times and not something you have to try and remember if you think it may rain later.

I have a white Ass Saver up for grabs, all you have to do is answer one simple question on Facebook… or you can buy one for just €6 direct from