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The Foot Down is now in it’s third year and it is quite a bit different from when it started, not massively but things have certainly changed and I’d like you to help me keep the content on the site fresh.

In a nutshell the site was set up to act as a hub for the UK fixed gear scene and I continue to focus mainly on the UK and our homegrown brands/shops but one of my original goals remains unfulfilled: to feature real life content from riders around the country and that’s where you come in.

You’ve no doubt noticed the increasing number of ‘road’ posts and that’s because the Swansea fixed scene is pathetic and gives me nothing to post whereas every road ride provides an endless stream of photos and excitement. I want to maintain a high level of original fixed gear content on the blog so I feel that now is the perfect time to open up the blog a bit and start accepting submissions from YOU.

There are plenty of scene blogs around the UK and most of them are laying dormant, not because there isn’t anything going on but because maintaining a blog on your own can be quite a chore at times. From this day forth I would like you to send me your QUALITY…

– Ride stories
– Photos
– Videos
– News
– Product reviews

…and I will…

– Post them on The Foot Down
– Provide your scene with a URL
– Hook you up with cool stuff if you become a regular contributor

This is by no means a sign that I am losing interest in the site, completely the opposite in fact. The Foot Down is growing rapidly and as the amount of readers goes up I want to make sure that the entire UK fixed gear (and road) scene is represented and with your help it will be.

If you would like to get involved CONTACT ME, even if you have absolutely no idea what you could do still drop me a line and we can have a chat about your scene and how to get the word out.

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