14bike co fixedgearlondon 14r frameset

Dear everyone,
The 14R is finally available!!!

Nuff said,

14R Track / Low Pro 2012

14 Bike Co & Fixedgearlondon are proud to announce the production of the 14R Track / 14R Low Pro.
The 14R frame has been updated for 2012.
When you purchase a 14R you will also get a limited edition 14R pack.
More details on the 14R package will be available soon. (The pack will only available to 14R customers)
14R Reynolds 853 Frame: £695.00

Fork Options:
Fork option No.1: Alpina F04 Carbon 1 1/8th Track Fork £99.99
Fork option No.2: Alpina Wing Pista Carbon Monocoque 1 1/8th Track Fork £249.99
Forks will be painted in 14R Matte Black to match your 14R frame
(Please note! Neither of the fork options detailed above are drilled for a brake)

If you would like to order a 14R or have any questions, please email: info@14bikeco.com