clavicle with surgical plate

It’s been about two and a half years since I was involved in a hit and run resulting in a severely broken clavicle and massive gash in my thigh.

Today I finally got a date for the removal of the plate that has caused me never ending discomfort over the last 36 months. Lucky for me I have been booked  in for the operation during the only bloody month that I have stuff planned!

I go in for the op on March 11th, I should be in and out on the same day. On the 13th I go to London to see Jeff Mangum, I see him again on the 14th and then the 15th I get to just wonder around. It would have been three great days riding but instead will now be three days in a sling travelling between museums by tube.

I then have a stall at the Bespoked Bristol hand made bike show from 23rd to 25th March, hopefully I’ll be out of the sling by then but again, it’ll be a few days of walking around rather than doing loads of riding after the show!

The whole situation sucks so bad, March was gonna be so rad! Have any of you had a plate removed? What was your recovery like?