collarbone cycling app review

This is a guest post by Dean Reeve.

With a love of cycling and a passion for photography, The Collarbone ticks all the right boxes for me.

Currently it’s only available on the iPad but it fills a gap in the app world, showcasing a great selection of cycling photography from the Belgian classics to the Tour of Britain.

collarbone cycling photography

The app itself is free to install and includes 2 galleries of images from Camille McMillan. You can then choose to buy additional sets and if you can’t take your eyes off a certain image, you can buy a print and hang it up at home!

Most of you will have seen The Collarbone Tumblr and the quality of work that is available to view there. This app takes it one step further, with a slick interface, easy browsing and information about each picture.

collarbone iphone app

In a media hungry society full of iwhatnots, The Collarbone has set a precedent for everyone else to follow, I look forward to the updates and the new sets of images that will appear as the 2012 cycling calendar unfolds…

Click here to download the app.