buy fixed mag 11 online

The new Fixed Mag cover is killer! It reminds me of what RAD skateboard magazine used to look like before it become Sidewalk Surfer, then Sidewalk, then rubbish.

As always it will be available from this very site very soon, for now here’s what will be inside…

Shop Review – Grafa
Instants – Air Pressure
Bike Check – Faz Adhili
Flip Flop – Reid Peppard
Track Bikes – In Numbers
Duality – Brussels & Tokyo
Frames – Szymon Nieborak
Bike Check – Finn Zygowski
ReStrap – 2 Year Anniversary
Supebeau – Berlin bike show
Virgil Tibbs – Wake Up To Muff
Lookouts – Clary/JB/Mariachi/Ayush
& More…