This nice weather (yes I am talking about the weather) spells one thing in Swansea: loads of complete idiots in the way on the bike path. But not on bikes!

All along the sea front is a 5 mile promenade split in two, one side for walking and the other for cycling. I admit it can be confusing for people, after all there is only a thick white line down the middle the whole way and the bike/people signage is only painted every few metres, how are people to know which side to stay on?

BECAUSE THEY HAVE EYES! The sheer ignorance of them drives me up the wall down there when the sun is shining, do these idiots not have brains??? The bike side is full of people walking, rollerblading, skateboarding, scootering, driving mobility scooters, dogs, children running, the list is endless.

On occasion I have walked on the wrong side down there, it happens but some dickheads just need a slap. The absolute worst are the parents who let their kids run wild then shout at the poor little boys and girls when they get in the way of a cyclist. YOU ARE THE BLOODY PARENT! CONTROL THEM!!!

This week I have been riding down there every evening, it’s flat and smooth and free of cars and potholes so I thought it would be the safe option to keep the legs turning as my collarbone heals. It’s hard work trying to dodge all the dimwits down there, usually it’s not so bad because I can just whizz around them but all it’ll take is one knock for me to go down and end up in the hospital again.

Here are some snaps from this evening…

As you can see, bloody skateboarders are one of the main offenders. I’ve skated along here a million times but when a cyclist comes I get out of their way because it’s a cycle path!

Cyclists, tell your stupid friends to stay out of the bike lanes this summer.

Rant over.