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If you are interested in the long and rich history of cycling in Britain then you are interested in the history of Condor Cycles because the two are inextricably linked.

Condor opened up shop in 1948 and quickly became one of the most well known and respected bike shops in the UK. For over 65 years they have continued to produce top quality frames and accessories and have played a major part in British racing through their pro teams.

Past Present Future elegantly lays out the Condor timeline through a series of anecdotes, customer stories and excellent photography.

condor monty young

Past. The book covers the entire history of Condor through archival images, interviews and behind the scenes stories from within the shop and teams. From the days of Condor/Mackeson right the way through to the current Rapha Condor Sharp team, you will learn about cycle racing in the UK.

condor cycles past present future book review

Present. There are many pages dedicated to the design, technology, production, and use of the modern (as well as past) range of Condor bikes. Through beautiful photography accompanying stories from staff, team members and customers you will find it impossible to not want a frame for yourself and be a part of the brand.

tao geoghegan hart cyclist

Future. The book is well balanced, it’s not all history. Condor is always looking to the future, whether it be the new frame building materials and developments in cycle technology or through supporting and nurturing young riders like Tao Geoghegan-Hart (pictured above). When reading this book you never feel like you are reading about what Condor has done but rather about how its past is shaping its future.

Past Present Future is not a book that will take you a long time to read, many of the 146 pages are heavily image based but don’t let that put you off. The last 65 years (and the next) aren’t laid out chronologically, new is mixed with old; and that means you can grab it from your coffee table, open it up at any point and not know what you’re going to get.

The stories are all short and easily digestible, the photographs are second to none and the content is interesting, it is a perfect example of a book that you will continue to revisit over and over.

Past Present Future costs £14.99 and is available from Condor’s Gray’s Inn Road shop or through their website.