fixed gear london dickies 874

Fixedgearlondon has collaborated with Dickies on their classic 874 work pant to make them more cycle friendly and even more rad.

Now, before you start bitching and whining about me posting positively about these but negatively about the Levi’s Commuter Range…

Levi’s are wack, they have been putting out stupid ‘fashion jeans’ for donkey’s years. Dickies make simple, honest clothing; always have, always will.

The Levi’s Commuter jeans are chockablock with pointless features. The Dickies x Fixedgearlondon 874’s don’t need bells and whistles and they know it.

The Levi’s Commuter Range’s popularity has been bought, they have been throwing their money around like Monty Brewster. Dickies and Fixedgearlondon have earned their respect, they don’t need to buy people with boxes full of triple denim.

So that is why I’m backing these and not those. Keep it simple, stupid.