mash fixed gear video

The Mash SF video got a hell of a lot of people into riding fixed gear bikes a few years ago, I think the time is right to look back on it…

I haven’t watched it for ages, maybe even a couple of years but I’m going to have to dig it out, dust it off and get it on the TV. I still love riding fixed, of course I do, but it’s not like it was a few years ago; now I ride fixed mostly for the simplicity and ease rather than the pure fun element which is a bit sad really.

When Mash was released rolling up your trouser leg to go out and do elephant skids on a pink bike with a tri-spoke didn’t make you look like a total bellend, it was actually quite cool. It’s just like how khaki chinos, red vans and New Era caps used to be cool but now just make you look like Harry from One Direction. When something ’street/urban/sweet/killer’ is gobbled up by the mainstream, it becomes totally lame then gets spat out and in time may or may not become rad again.

Mash is the greatest fixed gear video ever made, nothing will ever come anywhere near it because the scene will never be that pure and unadulterated again. Macaframa was awesome but there was no rawness, not like Mash. Fixed freestyle will never be as good as watching a backwards circle in Mash for the first time, fact.

If you only recently started riding fixed and haven’t seen it then you should buy it now without delay (if you can find it anywhere)! If you’ve been riding for a few years but haven’t watched it in a while then join me and give it a watch again.

I honestly lost my way with this post, you get the idea, go out and do some skids and shit.