lezyne sv5 multi tool

For ages and ages and ages I’d been holding off on buying a multi-tool to carry with me when I ride because they were all enormous, then I found the Lezyne SV5 and my search was over. Instantly.

lezyne sv5 multi tool review

All Lezyne products are seriously beautiful, both cosmetically and functionally. The SV5 is about as simple and basic as possible, it features CNC-machined aluminium side plates and 5 stainless steel tools.

lezyne sv5 tool review

On one side there are 5mm and 6mm allen keys and on the other 3mm and 5mm allen keys plus a phillips head screwdriver.

lezyne sv5 multi tool review

This thing is so rigid, to look at you might think that it would be a bit flexy and bendable but there is absolutely no give whatsoever when you are using the tools. The quality is second to none and it is a joy to use, every time I tighten a bolt I have to tell everyone around me how much I love the SV5, I’m sure they are sick of hearing about it.

lezyne sv5 review

The tool is so small you could hold it between your palm and your bars and it probably wouldn’t cause much of a problem. It’s like the Macbook Air of multi-tools, yes it’s lacking some of the ‘oomph’ of other tools but just look at how small, light and functional it is!

lezyne sv5 review

It comes with a stretchy faux-leather wrap which keeps the tools nice and clean, they are fairly tightly packed so don’t flop about the place anyway but it is a nice addition.

I love the Lezyne SV5 multi-tool and I can’t recommend it highly enough, it’s certainly not a workshop tool but will fix most problems you have when our riding and at 50g you won’t even know you’re carrying it.

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