nuun electrolyte tabs review

A few months back Nuun sent me some of their Active Hydration electrolyte tabs to try out, I’d never used anything like this before so I was unsure what to expect.

I didn’t want to jump right into a review because I’m skeptical of all these energy, protein, hydration, super duper supplements; there are 12 tabs per pack and I had three packs so I used them all before forming an opinion. Actually, it was impossible not to form an opinion when they ran out.

The whole time I was using them I was unconvinced, but as they weren’t disgusting and because they had been sent to me it was my duty as a responsible blogger to use them. I was using one tab per bottle, the first time I didn’t let them fizz away before putting the caps on my bottles and hitting the road, I found them to be overly fizzy and a bit gross but I learned my lesson. From that point on I added the tab to my water and let them sit for 5 minutes or so whilst they dissolved, this seemed to work a treat.

nuun hydrations electrolyte tabs review

They have a very light fizz about them and come in a whole range of flavours, the three I had were Citrus Fruit, Strawberry Lemonade and my personal favourite, Tropical. Like I said, I thought they weren’t doing anything but they added a little zing to my rides so it was all good with me.

A couple of weeks ago my stock of Nuun ran out, I went back to water and was very promptly visited by the cramp fairy! I soon realised that before using these electrolyte tabs I’d just accepted that taking the road bike into the mountains resulted in cramp and got on with it. The Nuun Active tabs had been subtly whizzing their way through my muscles for the last few months and keeping everything ticking over nicely and now that they were gone I really noticed and appreciated what they had been doing for me.

I am 100% sold on these things,  I’m no expert on what they are doing exactly, all I really care about is that they are vegan and actually make riding more enjoyable and less painful. What I do know is that they aren’t full of carbs and sugar like similar products from their competitors are, the brand image and packaging is pretty cool too which is a bonus.

I’d suggest you try some Nuun if you put in a decent amount of miles on the bike, they cost £24 for 48 tabs and are available from their website.