hand built wheels london review

I’ve been running a set of Condor Cycles’ Uno Race wheels for quite a while now, they are great value and hand built in London…

Unlike most sub-£200 wheelsets the Uno fixed and singlespeed wheels are hand built to order, you choose what you want from a selection of options and they will be built up just for you at Condor’s workshop.

condor uno wheels review

The rims are available in silver, black or white; with or without a braking surface and with either 32 or 36 holes. They are made in Europe and unique to Condor, they are not a rebadged  model from the far east.

condor uno handbuilt wheelset review

Like the rims, the hubs are Condor’s own design. Much debating has been done on ’the forums’ about what they are but it was all in vain because they are an exclusive. I like the solid flanges, it keeps them looking nice and simple. The sealed cartridge bearings will keep rolling fast and smooth for a long long time. Again, 32 and 36 hole options are available.

condor uno track wheelset review

The rear hub is available as either fixed/fixed or fixed/free. Both the front and rear come in a few different colours: silver, white, gold, black, red or blue.

condor uno wheelset review

Nothing can come close to a well made hand built wheel, it’s great to know that every single spoke has been tensioned and tested by someone that is passionate about their craft. These wheels were true and stiff out of the box and many months later feel as good as they did at the start, I’m confident that I’ll not need to pull the old spoke key out any time soon.

At £195 for the set there are some cheaper alternatives out there but just because someone is selling ’hand built wheels’ doesn’t mean that the person building them is very good at the job. Condor wheels are well respected by London’s couriers which says a hell of a lot about the quality and when you buy from them you are supporting a business that gives back and has done for years, not just someone selling colourful ‘bespoke’ bikes with daddy’s money. You can watch a video of Condor’s wheelbuilder at work here.

The rims and hubs are available separately from £24.99 as are a huge selection of fixed sprockets and lockrings, which I have been using and loving for years.

I’m a huge fan of Condor’s products and everything the brand stands for, these wheels are great and I can’t recommend them highly enough. Some more info can be found here but to order a set you will need to contact Condor directly where you will be able to chat through what configuration you want.

Disclosure: I was sent this wheelset for review purposes, this has in no way influenced my review. I only post stuff I’m into, you know that.