fixie skid video

When fixed gear bikes boomed a few years back all kinds of total losers got into them because they were ‘edgy’ and ‘cool’, a lot of those damned hipsters have now moved on to some other fad but that doesn’t mean that the terrible brands that popped up to take advantage of them have gone away.

There are a few absolutely terrible off the peg cheapo bike companies in the UK (notable for their absence on this site, until today!) masquerading as ‘bespoke’ still. They are under the impression that giving dimwits a plethora of colour options makes their bikes special in some way but there is no escaping the fact that the bikes suck and they are being produced as a fashion item rather than a quality piece of well designed life changing awesomeness.

The original and the worst of these cheap fixed gear bike companies who have “long fulfilled the demand in London for the fixie fashion bike by making it much more accessible and affordable” have plunged to a depth even lower than I thought possible with this video, what the hell is going on in that screenshot above??? It’s so mis-guided and ridiculous that it’s on a whole new level of terrible unattainable by anyone with even half a clue.

I’m not going to link to their site or even mention their name, if you want one of these bikes I’d suggest you start rummaging around the wheelie bins in and around Hackney.