cinelli mash bullhorn bars review

The Cinelli Mash Bullhorn is unlike any other bar out there, mainly because it has been designed for fixed gear riders by fixed gear riders.

Bullhorns are my favourite kind of bars to use on the fixed gear and I’ve used a fair few over the years, all of them pretty much the same: round and bullhorny. There’s not a huge amount of variety out there unless you want to get silly and put pursuit bars with a ridiculous drop on which results in a reduction in overall functionality and comfort.

cinelli mash bullhorn review

The most obvious difference between your standard bullhorns and the Cinelli Mash is the shape of the flats, where most bullhorns (and other kinds of bars) are round these are wide, VERY wide. As far as I know there really is nothing else like this out there, of course there are wacky TT bars which are wide but they are also wacky.

I find that it’s not really possible to ride on the flats with my thumbs underneath the bars which is fine by me because I’m used to that, I use the Cinelli Vai Palm bars on my road bike which are a similar shape. Riding with your thumbs on the top of the bars probably reduces the vibrations shooting up your arms and into your neck letting you ride for longer with less pain because your grip is never at the point of ‘death’, I have no proof for this other than experience.

I’ll admit that I’m not a huge fan of the enormous Cinelli logo across the entire width of the bars but it’s all good because I taped them up and now I can’t see it anyway. Everyone else I’ve spoken to digs the graphics so maybe it’s just me.

cinelli mash bullhorn handlebars review

There is a slight drop along the flats from the clamp area to the horns, it’s pretty mild but is absolutely spot on for me, my hands sit comfortably and naturally from the centre right the way out to the edges.

The point where the flats join the horns is particularly special on these, it’s a great place to ride but on other bullhorns isn’t really comfortable. On the Cinelli Mash Bullhorn this curve is really wide so your palms sit on there perfectly and you can maintain a good grip with minimal effort because of the increased surface area.

These bars really shine when you slide your hands forward onto the horns and get out of the saddle. It’s like when you hear a Ferrari roar or thunder right over your house. There is next to no flex AT ALL, when you put the hammer down to sprint or pull up to climb you really feel the difference between these and other bars. They are made from hydroform moulded Columbus alloy but they feel as stiff as carbon to me.

cinelli mash bullhorn review

They only come in one width, 40cm, which feels fine to me. Because of the shape you have a lot of hand positions at your disposal, each one as pleasing as the last. The clamp is 31.8 so they’ll fit on any standard road stem, weigh only 290g and come in both silver and black.

These bars are special, nothing else even comes close and therein lies the rub. A hell of a lot of R&D must have gone into them and they are made from a top quality material so they don’t come at a cheap price. The RRP is £128.99 which is enough to make anyones eye open wide but you get what you pay for. The Cinelli Mash Bullhorn is far and away the best fixed gear specific bar out there and you get a hell of a lot for the money: incredible stiffness; high end material; unparalleled comfort; and you’ll be supporting one of the classic Italian brands as well as the Mash boys and they deserve to be supported.

These are the ultimate bullhorn, if you already like this style of bar then you’ll really love these; if you’ve never used bullhorns and fancy trying them then you might as well jump right in and start with the best, the Cinelli Mash Bullhorn.

As with almost everything these days you can get these cheaper than the RRP online, at Urban Cyclery (where I work) we offer a price match guarantee and they are currently £102.95 which is an absolute bargain. Click here to visit the product page.

Disclosure: I was sent these bars for review purposes, this has in no way influenced my review, they are awesome, simple as that. Although I only link to Urban Cyclery the bars are available elsewhere, Urban Cyclery is a rider owned and run independent shop and you should always shop with companies like this.