Real Skateboards - Dennis Busenitz - Pushing San Francisco Video

I’m about two months into my big skateboard comeback now and I must admit that I think I’ve fallen in love with skating again which is something I never thought would happen.

When I went to college at 21 I slowly stopped skating as other things became more important to me, that was 10 years ago. In that time I’ve skated a bit here and there but hadn’t got anywhere near back into like I have this year. I’ve even started skating to work, watching new videos online and am amazing myself with the stuff I’m doing, it may all be a bit late 90’s but it’s solid and that’s what counts.

Though I stopped skating because of life stuff the reason I never got back into it was because of how lame it became and continues to be but there are some guys who are seriously ripping regardless, even if they are sponsored by Adidas. This Dennis Busenitz part is absolutely amazing, super fast, technical and full of slappies!

Real Skateboards Dennis Busenitz Pushing San Francisco from dlxsf on Vimeo.