good things clothing t-shirts

Henry from Good Things Intl., a Finnish clothing brand, just dropped me an e-mail about a new promo video they have, it’s got bikes and skateboards in it which is rad! And coffee too for all you dudes that like to stay t-t-totally wired.

I really like his motivation behind the brand, it’s everything I believe in and grew up with…

“Spending most of our early years consuming books, drawing, doing handcrafts, trying to figure out how things work, riding our bikes and rebuilding them every now and then gave us skills and a desire to create things by hand. Skateboarding and nocturnal graffiti writing missions taught us practical lessons in street knowledge and provided a creative outlet for our bursting adolescent energy.

A lot of those kids who stayed true to to their DIY ethic and refused to grow up are now living their childhood dream as professional skateboarders,snowboarders, artists, designers, and musicians. We stuck to our naive dream and started a clothing brand that draws inspiration from all those Good Things that have shaped our lives and careers and made us what we are today.”

good things international clothing brand

good things clothing brand

Check out the video and then go and buy some stuff!