Vincero Design Water Bottle

I’ve been using the Vincero Design magnetic bottle and mount for the last eight months and I am impressed. I was dubious when the guys at Ison Distribution gave them to me at a show but nobody in their right mind turns down a freebie.

The system is comprised of a carbon fiber composite mount and high quality bottle that attach to each other using ridiculously strong magnets. You wouldn’t think it would work but you would be very very wrong to think that…

Vincero Design Magnetic Water Bottle Mount Review

The edge16 mount is made of a carbon composite and weighs just 16g, hence the name. It comes with mounting bolts and screws into your cage holes as normal but as you can see it’s considerably smaller and neater than a big old ugly bottle cage. If you’re one of those people who is overly concerned about the aesthetics of your bike then this will surely please you, the rounded edges are pleasing to the eye and help guide the bottle into place too, double whammy!

Vincero Design Magnetic Water Bottle

You can only use Vincero Design bottles with the mount, they have a recessed magnet and the bottle fits nice and snuggly onto the mount. The magnets are incredibly strong, scarily so in fact; when the bottle is empty it can actually be a bit of a struggle to separate them if you pull at the wrong angle.

In use they hold fast, in the eight months I’ve been using it there has not been a single occasion when it has come loose even when I’ve been riding along bumpy country lanes or doing a bit of off-roading. If you are planning on riding Paris Roubaix then maybe it isn’t a great idea but in normal day to day use it is awesome.

I have 110% confidence in the magnets, I often go out with just this bottle. The only reason I still have the traditional cage on the bike too is because it has a pump attached to it but I may just start carrying that in my jersey pocket and get another magnetic mount.

To remove the bottle you just pull up and out and it releases with minimal effort, when returning the bottle the magnets fiercely pull towards each other and the shape of the mount guides it in to place perfectly every time, you don’t even need to look down.

Vincero Design Water Bottle Review

There are two different bottles, the stratus20 (20oz) and the stratus24 (24oz). They are made from excellent quality plastic, as you can see mine hasn’t discoloured at all. They don’t leak due to the medical grade valve in the cap, you can hold them upside down and nothing comes out but when you squeeze the bottle boy oh boy does that thing blast your drink out. Easily the best bottle I have ever used, by a mile!

Vincero Design Magnetic Water Bottle Mount Review

As an added bonus you can stick the bottle to metal things just for a laugh, what an wacky little thing.

A Vincero Design edge16 mount and stratus20 bottle will set you back £33.99, it’s not a cheap system but also no more expensive than a good quality lightweight carbon cage, I absolutely love it and would urge you to try one out for yourself. Yes, a normal cage is fine but this is exciting, innovative and rather natty, three good reason to get one in my book. Highly recommended!

They are available from Urban Cyclery, I work there so I suppose I should say that you can also get them elsewhere for the sake of transparency.