my bike short documentary

Waaaaaaaaay back in 2003 I made this short documentary about three of my cousins and why they liked riding their bikes.

This was when colleges were still using VHS cameras, I think I was the only person shooting digital and editing on a computer because I had my own gear, I was a bit of a maverick. The titles are pretty lolworthy now but I had to manually do them in Final Cut Pro with no training or anything, I was teaching myself. For the on-bike shots I actually cellotaped a tripod to the headtube, it was wild.

The kids used to go everywhere on their bikes and I’m really glad I made this film because It captures them all at an age where most kids like bikes and just before they get into other stuff.

There’s some really funny stuff in it, it’s well worth a watch but some of you foreign folk may struggle with the accent a little bit, we’re from a little council estate called Clase in South Wales, we don’t rock the Queens English! Enjoy…