rouleur slipcase

There are a lot things wrong with your typical road cyclist, for a start most of them are absolutely useless at cycling and this is because they don’t particularly like cycling, they like bikes and buying bikes and buying lighter bits to go on their bikes.

The world of road cycling revolves around idiots spending money on endless amounts of grossly over priced paraphernalia because they are physically and mentally weak, they over compensate for their lack of technique and skill with carbon, titanium and thin pastel pink stripes.

This Rouleur Box is the very epitome of everything that is wired wrongly inside the shrivelled brain of road cyclists all around the world. It is made of ‘high quality natural bookcloth’ features ‘Italian viscose paper’ and costs £50, FIFTY FUCKING POUNDS for a box file.

Fuck me. Sideways.

(Note – I know that Rouleur is not only for roadies, smart arse.)